The "A" train is the most hated subway line for me. I really dread taking this line. I see some of the most inconsiderate, dumb things that people do on this line, like young men playing rap music with their mp3s or phones without the headphones (singing along the music), people taking up more than one seat with a pocket book or bags on a crowded train, leaning on the poles on a crowded train, constant pan handling, smelly people, designer knock-offs, etc... The list goes on and on. But this morning, was my most annoying encounter today on this train so far. I had to endure 25 minutes with a grown man sitting opposite from me with a bad knock-off Gucci Hat. It gets worse, He kept the big Gucci paper price tag on it!! Who does that?? He really thought he was cool. He was sitting there with his girlfriend & you would think that she could have told him that he looked dumb with the tag hanging off his hat like that. Even if it is authentic, YOU TAKE THE TAG OFF! Yeesh!

Gucci hats are expensive, in part, because they are so well made. The hat should have tight stitching and straight seams. The material used to make the hat should be heavy, and any leather on the hat should be obviously real. If the hat is knit, it should be thick and tightly woven.