This speakeasy place is has a very cool ambiance and great unique decor. Starface and I visited this spot last night after a full day of shopping and walking all over the city. We had a hard time finding this location in China Town and none of the Asians in the neighborhood knew where the street was, or they just didn't want to talk to us non Asian gals. I'm sure they would of had many answers for me if I asked them about a fake Gucci bag or Rolex watch. Finally a traffic cop helped us. So the bar is like through a back alley on Doyer Street. The name of the bar is not shown. It is called Chemist. We were immediately greeted at the bar from a very nice gentleman (who charged my dead Iphone for me) and seem to be the one who controlled the ordering of drinks at the bar while you get to watch the Mixologist do their magic. I love the fact that they wear these white lab coats. We kind of felt like we were in an episode of Breaking Bad. The drinks were delicious. My only complaint is that there are no bar stools at the bar. You have to stand. A huge annoyance when you been on your feet all day shopping and want to sit and relax with a drink at the bar. We finally got the nerve to ask a couple who were sitting at a pretty big spacious couch and 3 empty stools if we can sit there. They were pretty cool about it. But we would have love to sit at the bar and watch the Mixologist instead. We both would definitely come back here. We highly recommend this place for dates too. Very intimate setting. I would have gave it 5 stars, but not having stools at the bar cost them a star.