Shampoo (in clear bottle), Conditioner (in cream packet) Facial Scrub (tiny jar) Face Moisturizer (in that tiny jar with red writing), A Skimpy Size Perfume (in the card), Lipstick pencil, Shaving cream (in pink tube. That was the bonus sample with your first box), And last…the Black Small Sample Packet. (Too small of a size to even remember what it was.)

I’ve been doing some extensive research on subscription boxes this week. I was a bit familiar with BirchBox from a year ago. This company is probably the most known beauty box out there on the web. It cost $10 a month in which they will charge your credit card automatically each month. You can always cancel your subscription at anytime. There is no commitment. On the website you can create a beauty profile on what kind of samples you would prefer to receive and choose what type of hair, skin concerns you have, the ethnicity you are, and etc. This allows them to somewhat personalized the sample products they will send you. 

I LOVE beauty products and enjoy shopping for new stuff, but my career as a Professional Boxer does not allow me to spend the hours in department stores trying out new products to buy. So lately I’ve been using the same products that I’m accustom to. So with BirchBox, they will send you a small box with about 5-7 samples. Plus one extra one as a bonus for your first month.  Awesome concept, Wow! I can have samples mailed to me try them out at home for only $10/month. Cool. This is a great idea especially if you like to explore many different products you didn’t even know exist.

I purchased my subscription on June 18, 2014 and received it on June 25, 2014. So it took a week, not bad. I received a mini size bottle sample of shampoo enough for probably two washes. The bottle does not look like it’s the actual bottle from the company. It was a clear small bottle with a generic sticker label that had some information that told what it was and that it’s made for dry brittle hair (I did mention in my beauty profile that I have dry hair), So I began to wonder if they’d just slap that label on the same bottles of shampoo they send to everyone but just change the wording on the label to fit whatever type of hair you provided in your profile. Suspect on the shampoo. The rest of the samples were stuff you can get free at any department stores (except the lipstick pencil). Overall, the beauty box is nothing to really brag about. The bonus sample was a nice sample size. It was shaving cream. This product actually came from the company. Wasn’t questionable like the shampoo. But remember this was an introductory bonus sample gift. The other samples were in “PACKETS” I don’t like packets, I mean YESH!, what am I’m suppose to do with them after opening them??? Force to use it all at once or fold down the packet? Messy situation, And come on with the tiny little jars. Oh! The perfume samples are those skinny little bottles the department store throw in your bag when you buy a full bottle… 3 pumps it’s done.  The only sample I thought was a nice size was the pencil lipstick. But they definitely got the color all wrong. I’m Afro-American in which was asked in my profile. The lipstick color will never go with any women of color with the exception of a very light skinned complexion women or male….How U Do’in (in Wendy William’s voice ). The lipstick was some kind of bright light peach color. A nice color for a Caucasian women though. When I showed it to my Greek friend, her exact words, “That’s not made for you, give it to a white chick (laughing)” I told her she can have it once I post my video beauty blog about my BirchBox

So there you have it. BirchBox would be worth subscribing to if they gave bigger sample sizes OR give you a lot more of the type of samples they currently give. They should exclude packets altogether. This was my first box and I will give it one more month to see if the boxes improve, otherwise I will be cancelling my subscription right after. I’m looking very forward to another beauty box from the company call name Ipsy. I read on a lot of sites throughout the web that this box is waaaaay better then BirchBox, and for the same price. I also hear that you get a nice cosmetic bag included in every box. I can’t wait to receive it and do a comparison then report back to you all. 

OVERALL VERDICT: Thumbs almost done….