Fire, The Boxing Diva's GlossyBox Review

                      Fire, The Boxing Diva’s GlossyBox Review


So, How Does It Work?

Customers can choose between a monthly plan that costs $21 per month and they are free to cancel at anytime, alternatively you can also sign up for 3, 6 and 12 month plans which can save you a little money. You fill out a profile and the team at GlossyBox selects products they think you will love. The company says that the products that they send you will have a value of at least double that of your subscription. Also shipping is free. Once you have used the monthly beauty samples, the company encourage you to feedback to them what you liked and disliked about the products you received on a number rating system. You can earn points by doing so toward a free box.

So I finally received my first beauty GlossyBox. Unlike the BirchBox subscription that cost $10/month, GlossyBox is $21/month. Is GlossyBox worth the $10 a month difference from BirchBox? Absolutely yes! First, I must say that BirchBox isn’t really worth the 10 bucks they charge a month. The samples they offer in their subscription are the very samples you can get free in almost any department store. Nowadays I do not have the time to shop like I use to. So getting the samples delivered to my door is a huge luxury and very convenient.

After doing an extensive research on the company online, I became excited. Some people thought it was a bit pricey for the subscription but I didn’t agree. So I decided to cough up the $21 and decide for myself if it is worth it. I get all of my packages delivered to me at Gleason’s Gym. (The most famous Boxing Gym in the world). On the GlossyBox website you can track your delivery there, so I knew exactly when to stalk the entrance door for USPS to arrive. I was seated about 25 feet from the entrance door where the delivery guy comes in at and I kid you not, on this particular day a very tall stocky Afro-American man who looked like an Ex- Heavy Weight World Champion dressed in a USPS uniform came marching in through the door. For me it seemed like time stopped when he walked through the door. Everything seemed to move in slow motion. I’m sitting at the front desk as he approached me with a box in his hand labeled GLOSSYBOX. My heart was pounding with excitement. I looked up at him, which seemed like forever because of his height. I yelled, My GlossyBox!! Ignoring me, He looked around the boxing gym and said; you think I can take on of these guys in here? I said you should be worried about me taking you down if you don’t hand me my box. We both shared a nice chuckle.

After opening up the box, inside was another box. The packaging was absolutely delightful. I ordered my box on June 18th, and received it on July 1st. The box was themed after Independence Day. It was red, white, & blue with stars on it. A very high quality reusable box.


The box included 5 different products and some kind of gift card from in which I haven’t figured out how to use yet.  Included was a nice size hair spray from Rusk,


hand lotion by Camille Beckman,


2 in a pack nail polish by Strange Beautiful,


a small size jar of body butter by Ayres,


and an eye shadow pencil by Sumita. (Champagne color)


I must say that all of the samples were more like travel size products. Not sample sizes. The eye shadow pencil was an actual full size product. These products were upscale. I’ve never heard of the brands but they were products you would find at a Henri Bendel’s or Bergdorf Goodman. Very Nice.

I also purchased a 3-month subscription for my sister’s birthday as a gift. This makes a great gift for any occasion. It’s like giving the person 3 ongoing gifts for the price of one gift. This is perfect for any women who love beauty products like I do. GlossyBox gets the thumbs up! I will be doing a review on GlossyBox for next month. Stay tuned.

Pros: Great luxury items. The beauty box is worth a lot more than $21. Very well package.

Cons: Delivery time is too long. I ordered on June 18th and received on July 1st.

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