My Review on Lady Soma Detox


I received the Lady Soma Detox 7-day cleansing to try and in return I would give my honest opinion on the product with a review. I was not compensated or encouraged to give any positive feedback for this product.

This was the first time I’ve done a detox, so I was a bit nervous at the idea of trying one. I thought I would have to give up solid foods and be subjected to only juicing and water as well as downing a bunch of pills. However with this product this is not the case. Well partially, you do have to down a lot of big vitamin size pills. (I mean a lot). Twelve pills three times a day is required. Too dam much! That’s a total of 36 pills a day. DANG!!  If they were a lot smaller…  I wouldn’t have an issue with the amount needed to take. But they’re not. I can actually feel the pills at times going down my throat a bit too slow for my comfort. If you’re use to taking vitamins this size, then it may not be an issue for you. I guess you can cut them in half, but then you’ll have sharp edges left on the pills and it’s too much work to cut 36 pills a day in half. (Yes, I’m lazy) The product is already packaged individually for each consumption periods. Very well organized.


Lady Soma Detox helps get rid of excess waste in the body, it minimizes bloating, and supports weight loss (weight loss is something that does not work in my favor being 5’8 tall and 109lbs to begin with, you do the math).

Lady Soma detox gets rid of toxins and assist digestion. It facilitates the colon, kidney and heart health by using natural plant ingredients. (See picture below for list of ingredients and direction for use.)

WARNING: If you have nut allergies, stay away from this detox. This product contains black walnuts.

 What I like mostly about this detox mainly is that it's made for women; it contains Omega 3 and 6. It is also very gentle on the tummy. I didn’t experience any cramping as expected. Before taking the detox I thought I would be running to the bathroom often with the #2 situation. So I was a bit reluctant because I’m out of the house most of the times. I only experienced this situation late nights during bedtime hours then as the days went by it became less frequent, controllable and tolerable. So I believe this detox is not really a concern if you are a woman that is on the go daily.

The best part about the detox is that you can eat food during the journey, but not the kind of food most of us generally would prefer. The diet recommended for this detox is NO starch, NO caffeine, NO preservatives, NO processed foods, NO sugar, and NO alcohol (Huh??? the no alcohol part was almost a deal breaker for me in wanting to try this). As a professional athlete (Boxer), my diet is pretty close to these restrictions when I’m in competition mode. Although not being able to enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail for seven days did however raised both eyebrows and hesitation. (Just kidding, although I did have a cocktail on the 6th night after I quit detox).

During the seven days, my diet strictly consisted of steel cut oatmeal, health nut bars (not sure if that was a starch breach), lots of fruits, raw unsalted nuts for snacking, steamed vegetables, grilled chicken salads, and baked fish. I cooked with black pepper, fresh garlic, squeezed lemon, and no salt. This is what I ate throughout most of the process of Lady Soma Detox. I say mostly because I ended up quitting toward the end of my sixth day for a few reasons.


1.      1. I started experiencing very slight headaches. Nothing major whereas I needed to take any aspirins.


2.     2. The pills are too big and too many to take in one day. It was really getting to me. I became a bit nervous I would choke     trying to swallow one.


3.     3. I was losing too much weight. I started at 109lbs and ended 104lbs. People at my gym who see me on a regular basis started noticing the drop in weight and saying they thought it was impossible that I could even lose more weight.  (However, I did regain 3lbs about two weeks after my detox)   

This detox may have been a bit too advanced for me since it was my first time doing one. On the bottle it is labeled Advanced Formula. I think they may have a version for detoxing beginners. So in all, besides the reasons I listed on why I stopped taking the detox, I would recommend this detox if you’ve already had experience in doing one.  Needless to say I may actually try it again. Getting rid of toxins and impurities from your body every so often is important and healthy for everyone. Lady Soma in particular was very gentle on my body. Besides the very slight headaches, I felt great physically and still maintain a lot of energy during my vigorous training routines.  I train up to 3 hours a day so you have to consider the rapid weight loss plays a major factor when I’m burning so many calories. With that said, I do not need a weight loss supplement of any kind so I would not do any detox as often as they suggests. I imagine for the average woman who has weight concerns, this would be ideal.

Overall I did continue to feel energetic and healthy. I was able to endure intense training without feeling dizzy or light headed. I felt really good.  Between training and doing the detox, the weight loss was a bit extreme for my size and height.  I probably would be able to book a Versace print ad, but I rather not lose muscle weight that would knock someone out in a boxing ring. I like kicking butt too much!