Love and Hip-Hop (desperate to be famous) Erica Mena, who’s sketchy past makes headlines. Following her fight with Kimbella weeks ago, which she totally instigated, Erica claimed VH1 depicted her in a way that was not classy and detrimental to her “modeling” career. However, it turns out Erica’s reputation was already tainted way before VH1 came. A book written by rapper Prodigy, "My Infamous Life" – one of the members of Mobb Deep alleges that back in the day Erica used to “date” Havoc of Mobb Deep, but after a few drinks in the VIP room one night, she allowed Prodigy to err, how do I put this, get “some finger action.”
Poor Erica is definitely not winning lately as Kimbella also revealed last week that Erica was found stripping in the Valley and giving blow jobs for $200. Erica’s rep (she has a rep???) is, however, denying the whorish reports about her client stating Erica was never tagged team by Mobb Deep.

Yandy Smith and Chrissy got into a major blowout. Must say I rooted for Yany. I feel Chrissy has simply become a bully this season, and seems to have a problem with everyone.  This show is differently a train wreck that I can't seem to look away from.