Madiba is the first South African restaurant in United States which pays homage to Nelson Mandela. The ambiance at this place has a lot of culture which made me feel like I was at a brief getaway in South Africa. I been there twice, the first visit was at least 4 years ago.  Honestly I couldn't remember if I enjoyed the food but if I can't remember, then I'm assuming that it was just OK.  My sister scored a great deal on Groupon for Madiba. For $39 you get 1appetizer, 2 entree and 2 glasses of wine. So that explains the second visit. :*•). I really enjoyed the appetizer, which was calamari. We also shared a side of slap chips (fries) that is soaked in vinegar... very tasty. The seafood curry entrees that we both order, in my opinion was bland.  We order a chocolate flour-less cake for our dessert ( not included in Groupon deal). The cake was delicious. So overall, the food was just OK. The service was good but did not start off that way.  Our waiter had a bit of a condescending attitude when we inform him that we had a Groupon special.  So we opt for the nice waitress that originally started us out and told her to make sure he didn't come back to our table. I probably won't be back, but I will advice you to visit and try it for yourself and make your own opinion on this one. The main course was just, Eh....not all that.