(Louis Vuitton scarf, Louis Vuitton bamboo bracelet, Prada hair clip, Prada necklace, TODS shoulder bag)

Who is Mary Morales?

From 4pm-10pm during the week you have to get past the Godmother of fashion at Gleason’s Gym front door before you can train, take a picture, buy a souvenir or even hang out with any of the trainers at the world famous establishment. This woman is past 60 in age and takes no crap from anyone. Try to sneak past her with out paying the spectator’s fee, she’s sure not to tolerate your excuses. Just pay her or you swim with the fishes!

Mary Morales has the most kindest heart, a very giving nature and is a very interesting women. She has the most exquisite luxury wardrobe, handbags, and accessories you would ever expect. All of her clothing attire is made of top-notch quality and most of the labels carries the name of all the top designers in fashion. The most common designer I recognized from her wardrobe is Sonia Rykiel.  Sonia Rykiel was one of her favorite designers until they started making clothes from China and created a line for H&M. (I hate when high end designers do that)

Every shoulder bag she sports is sure to have the name TODS, Prada, Chanel, Georgio Armani or Fendi.  If you really pay close attention to her, you would notice small quality accessories she wears like her Louis Vuitton bamboo bracelet and Prada hair clips. You would never know because her designer belongings are not gaudy with logos all over them. Her shirts are sometimes Chanel and a lot of the times by Sonia Rykiel.

Don’t dare question the authenticity of her belongings, unless you’re ready to have a hit put out on your life. She gets monthly spa treatments at Caudalie Vinothérapie® Spa located in The Plaza Hotel. Mary is on the mailing list for catalogs from all the high-end boutiques in which she always brings in to Gleason’s for me to keep. I’m not even on the list!!

This woman knows how to live first class on a budget. I thought I was the Princess of that but she is by far the Queen of it in my book.  What I find so funny at times is when the young guys come into the gym and treat her with no respect as if they were better than her, sporting knock-off Prada shoes, replica Louis Vuitton belts and fake Beats by Dr. Dre headphones,….. Mary’s facials is worth more than everything they are sporting to look cool and tough.

I bow down to the godmother everyday I see her. She is one hell of a lady. Mary Morales, The Godmother of Fashion at Gleason’s Gym.