Plant Fitness gym is the most affordable gym that I know of. This gym is only $10 a month. $20 a month gets you the black card membership, which allows you to bring a guest with you (every time you workout).  The gym usually has a special going on for the signing up fee, which is usually $1. If you are planning on joining this gym, I strongly recommend that you go early in the day.  If you find yourself there in the evening, good luck!!!! Be prepare to wait for a workout machine, a locker, seeing guy trying to out do each other in bench presses, desperately looking men staring at the women as if they were in the club, and a bunch of women that don't quite have the bodies yet to be wearing the tight spandex workout gear and tank tops.   The gym is usually really clean and has decent equipment. What I find strange is that they give free pizza out once a month and always have a big bucket of tootsie rolls for members to take. It's a health gym!!! Why are they giving out free pizza??? They couldn't find a healthier alternative? Regardless of how ghetto this may sounds, it is a good gym for the price they are asking for. So quit with the lame excuses and sweat!!!


Teisher "Starface" McLeod