I refuse to believe that men who wear pants below their behinds are intelligent and real men. They are ignorant boys in my book. What real man would actually think this fashion statement looks good? I also find it hard to believe that anyone in his right mind would think that this style is attractive to a real woman.  Do they actually look in the mirror after getting dress and say to themselves, " I look good with my a** hanging out".  Or, “ I look extra intimidating to the g’s with my sexy boxers showing today.

It's modern buffoonery!!!

Who knows why these boys decided this is a "fashion statement", most of these guys probably have no clue where this trend originated.

The origins of sagging comes from the United States prison due to a few primary factors. It started in the prisons when convicts were issued ill-fitting uniforms and no belts. Uniforms issued to prisoners are usually a few sizes too large. Secondly, belts are prohibited to avoid suicide by hanging oneself, or to avoid being used as a weapon in fights. Hip-hop artists later popularized the style in the 1990s.

While doing a bit of my own research and asking people what their thoughts on this fashion trend, majority had the same answer, which that it originate in prisons and that the homosexuals wore their pants below the butt to let the "others" know that they were gay and ready.

Now whether or not this is true, knowing that this is what most people think it came from...., I would never want to be associated to such thoughts from the general public (unless I was actually gay and ready).


In my opinion, there isn't anything worse than to have a guy with their pants so low cat-calling women. Guys’ wake-up!!! 90% of people who look at you in public with that dumb style are laughing at you while being disgusted.


Pull your pants up!!!