Ristorante bar

63 Lafayette Ave.

Bklyn, NY 11217

Scopello is named after a small village in Sicily. A hilltop jewel surrounded by majestic mountains and the clearest blue Mediterranean sea, it is a place for a relaxing vacation, where you can immerse yourself in a natural setting, ancient history and delicious food.

Scopello is the best Italian restaurant in Brooklyn so far of my experience of dinning out. Who would of thought you can find great Italian food in the Forte Green section of Brooklyn? We came across this restaurant from a Groupon deal online. Groupon is a free website where you can buy super discounts for various businesses and establishments. My favorite is the restaurant deals. You get extremely great deals for dining out to cool restaurants. I came across a special deal on the website for dinner for two which included two appetizers, two main courses, 1 dessert, and 2 glasses of wine for $29! Unbelievable. We thought the portions would be smaller than what they offer on the regular menu but that was not the case at all. We were so happy with the food and experiences that we decided to give this spot a second try at regular price without a Groupon deal.  Again a very pleasant experience. The meal was spectacular. Starting with the appetizer, crusted tuna caprese with lemon capers. The portion was generous, especially for 2 people. We were tempted to order another one just for pure gluttony but decided to go ahead with our entrées. Then the main courses were served. I ordered the filet sea bass with clams and mussels in some kind of wonderful tomato sauce and roasted potatoes. Starface, my sister ordered the pan-seared chicken Lemon Marsala with mushroom sauce, roasted potatoes , cooked carrots and zucchini. We always split our entrees.  Both entrees were equally divine and hard to choose which one was better. For dessert we ordered the signature dish for Italians, which is Tiramisu. Even though the menu said served with ladyfingers, it didn’t come with it. They were probably out of it. However, our meal was spectacular! I will definitely make this restaurant a regular.

During our first experience at the establishment, we were served by the manager (maybe the owner). He was very nice and welcoming even after knowing we had a Groupon special. I say this because in some restaurants, the staff are not that nice and friendly when they find out that you are using a Groupon deal. They tend to treat you as if you don't deserve the same treatment as full paying customers. What they don't realize is that these kind of promotions brings the consumer back, especially if the service and food is good. That was the exact case for us. We went for the first time with our Groupon, loved it and returned a second time willing to pay anything without any deals. It was that good. Shout out to the manager or owner who likes to talk MMA to me. LOL! See ya soon.