So as I am doing my holiday shopping on 5th avenue yesterday at Henri Bendel's, I take notice to see that...
The UCS (Ugly Christmas Sweater) is back! More fashionable than ever before. The UCS is this year's hottest fashion trend for the holidays. You remember receiving these hideous gifts from your grandparents? Or even from your 5 year old kids? It's become 50% more popular on Google search engine this year. There have been holiday parties themed after the UCS.
So have you ever been a victim to such tackiness?
Everyone either has had one, has one now, may be getting one as a gift this year, or has a relative who is notorious for wearing the horrible, glittery, red and green, snowflake covered Christmas sweater. And how can you hate the UCS? They are so trendy tacky cool now!
Celebrity Jimmy Fallon, host of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" on NBC, jumped on the ugly sweater bandwagon. Every night for 12 days in December, Fallon gives an audience member a tacky Christmas sweater.
I'm curious to see how the ladies are going to "Sexify" (LOL) this latest trend. My guess is cutting them into midriffs and lower cuts in the front for cleavage action. Check out to see some of the hottest sweaters and donates a sweater to a child in need for every ugly one you get yourself.