So, I am a huge fan of the website called Groupon that offers huge discounts to restaurants, trips, spa treatments, electronics, etc in whatever city you live or may visit. I am a frequent user of the restaurant deals.

On Groupon, I purchased a dinner for two at Alma 33 an Argentina Cuisine located on West 8th street in Manhattan. The special offer consisted on 5 Tapa plates, 1 bottle of wine or a pitcher of Sangria, and 2 desserts. All for $39.  Great deal? You’d think. Well it sounded like it was at first, but I was very disappointed when I learned the meaning of what a Tapa plate was. Tapa plates are very small appetizers. Actually it’s half the size of what a normal appetizer portion would be. In fairness to Alma 33, your can order an order of fries (which are pretty good, the only thing I was happy with) and the fried Calamari. Both choices were pretty good portions, but the Calamari was bland and tasteless. They could of at least sprinkled some sea salt on them to give it a bit of flavor. Then, the Sangria….. Whack ! it was flat and cheaply made. If you are a regular Sangria like I am, you could understand what I mean. I had it many times and know how a descent Sangria should taste.

Moving on,… after the 5 Tapa plates, needless to say, we were still extremely hungry. We knew we had dessert coming but knew that would not have been enough to satisfy our hunger for real food. So we order an entrée to share. The Branzino Fish. We literally waited about 30 minutes for it to come, even though we ordered half way through our Tapa plates. My reaction when the food finally arrived, WTF??? This measly sliver of fish, which included a small salad on the side? It looked more like decoration. The salad was just fancy looking lettuce in which the chef threw in a small piece of grapefruit, I guess to make it look exotic. Where’s the carbs?? No potatoes, rice, etc... On top of that it was $23?? So not worth it. For dessert, we had the crème brulee and some kind of sponge cake. It was, eh….. Very passable, but we were still hungry.  

Now with this not so great review on the food, one may think that for $39 this was still a good deal. Not I. I have brought many Groupon dinner deals, and usually the dinners for two are $29. Most of the time you can 1 or two appetizers, 2 complete entrees (Not a sample size portion), 2 glasses of wine (sometimes a bottle), and 1 or 2 desserts. Sometimes you may even get an after dinner drink.Alma 33 was the first time where I felt we were ripped off. :(

I must state though that the waiter was very nice and pleasant. He spoke very well of his knowledge of the food. I have no complaints about him. We left him a $33 tip. But sorry, I just will not be returning to this restaurant. Catch me at Desire right next door for bar food and drinks! A gay spot that never disappoint me. Oooo.. "How you doin'?" ...

Tonight I am off to Madiba Restaurant in Brooklyn for African food.  Groupon deal for 1 appetizer, 2 entrees, and 2 glasses of wine. All for $29.  We shall see. Stay tune for the blog review.