Wantable is a monthly subscription service that has 3 different plans: Makeup, Accessories, and Intimates. It’s one of the more expensive subscriptions out on the market currently. It cost $36/month, but everything they send is full size not sample size. They fully customize the boxes based on your preferences that you provided for them on the website. I subscribe only to the makeup box.


I’m all about presentation and packaging for everything.

Wantable box and packaging is a bit plan and ordinary, eh… For $36 a month I expected a better quality-packaging box somewhat like what GlossyBox offers for $21/month. The only thing that was pretty cool and different from any of the other beauty boxes I’m subscribed to is that the label attached on the box read, Especially packed for Keisher Wells. Nice personal touch.

Now getting to what’s inside.

I received 4 items. A lip-gloss, a foundation application brush, eyeliner, and a brow powder.  I’ve never heard of any of the products brand but one. The eyeliner. The brand is named Tarina Tarantino. Also inside the box included a copy of the form with all of your likes and dislikes that I described in my profile account.

Foundation Brush: Does what any other foundation brush like this would do. For the retail price they claim, seriously???…. not worth it at all. Retails I believe for $30 something dollars. Hah! (I kept it though.)

Lip Gloss:I put it in a give away box I created for the ladies at my gym, (Gleason’s Gym). It applies on sheer. Retails for $22.  I have too many lip-glosses that are actually very similar to the color I thought this appears to be.

Eye Liner: Nice. This one is a keeper. It was a plum color (Purple) I kept it. I love eyeliners. All colors.  Retails $22

Brow Powder: The color was wrong for me. I have black hair. A brown powder would not work on my eyebrows.  I generally use brow pencils for my eyebrows, but would’ve been open to trying something new, darker brow powder though. Retails (don’t remember, I believe over $30.)

So, I am going to continue my subscription at least for the next month (August 2014). I’m hoping this time I won’t have to give away half of my box. There’s just something about getting beauty boxes every month with new products to try that got me so addicted.

So do I think $36/month is worth a Wantable Box? Umm… well if Ipsy $10/month, GlossyBox $21/month, or BoxyCharm $21/month didn’t exist I would definitely say YES! But they do exist. So why pay $36/month when I can get the same type of boxes for a lot cheaper and a few of them are actually better than Wantable.

Almost all of these kind of subscription box services say that you will receive 4-5 samples or full size products, but most of the boxes I received sent me 5. Wantable sent me 4. Yeesh! For $36/mo, send me the dam 5!

Also with this service, you can return the box for a full refund but you have to return everything. Partial refunds can be issued if the value of the item you want to return is worth less than what the box cost. (Something like that) Here is what Wantable emailed me in response to me inquiring about that:

Hi there,

Partial refunds are based on the MSRP of each product. You will only get a refund if the total MSRP of all the items you keep is less than the $36 cost of the box. Please let me know if I can initiate a return for you or explain anything further :)

Have a great Wednesday!

So with that response, I felt there was not worth getting back a good partial refund on my box. They included a copy of a list for each product’s retail value. But for some strange reason, it’s not listed on Wantable’s website. They have a photo of all the products that they have sent to you for you to review under your account, but not with the retail value. I went back to check because I threw away that list provided in the box. I wanted to post an accurate cost for each item within this blog. I also wanted to do some online research to see what the “Real” retail value is because I had my suspicions they were exaggerated. There were reasons to believe that Wantable is over valuing what the products really cost. I also came across other people’s blogs regarding this matter. Some bloggers had the same concern. They actually found some of the products they received listed a lot then cheaper on other websites.

The image below is not my personal preference. I downloaded this off the web. But this is exactly what was included in my personal box, however with my likes & dislikes.


This concludes my review for July 2014 on Wantable. Stay tune for what I have to say on August 2014 Wantable box. BoxyCharm is very similar to Wantable. I actually like BoxyCharm better and it’s only $21