I was given the opportunity to sample both of these products and compare the both to which I thought was best, especially for the summer. Each product worked differently for me while the both of them are very rich. Some may say it’s too greasy and some may say it’s extra moisturizing. Depends on what kind of skin you have.

Shielo Complexion Moisturizer Review


I like the Shielo Complexion Moisturizer, but not love it. I only use it as a night cream to moisturize my face, my face tends to get very dry after a wash. It is a bit heavy for daytime use in the Summer for me because I have very oily skin already especially in the heat and wearing make-up during the day does not help my situation. What I like about this product is that you only need to use a very small portion to cover your whole face, so the jar can last you a very long time. I have notice some improvement in my complexion but as far as anti-aging, I really haven’t noticed a huge difference but I also don’t have wrinkles…yet. The price is a bit overpriced and I believe you can find a similar if not better product that is less expensive.


Citrus Clear Skin Repair Moisturizer Review


The Citrus Clear Skin Repair Moisturizer does not do well for me at all. I really do not have the need for skin repair so it is not really necessary for me to use. I thought it might fit well as an everyday moisturizer because I do wear make up everyday, so my skin do need to be protected with a good moisturizer. After some use of this product for about a week, I began to feel a slight irritation in small areas of my face, so I discontinued use. The only thing I like about this product is the light citrus fragrance that smells like lemons. It really smells great.